THE ENGLISH MUSIC FESTIVAL celebrates Britain's rich musical heritage by showcasing the brilliance, innovation and beauty of English music.
Whilst ranging from the timeless delights of Tallis and Byrd to the power and drama of Howells and Britten, the focal point of Festival is the early twentieth century – the Golden Renaissance of English music. As well as having commissioned thrilling but accessible new works in the English tradition, the EMF is devoted to keeping important works by major British composers in the repertoire, and to resurrecting the many forgotten gems by a host of lesser-known composers, whose exquisitely crafted works never fail to surprise and enchant.

Each English Music Festival is a dynamic and inspiring event, and all six Festivals thus far have demonstrated just how stunning this music is, and how we are playing a vital role in fulfilling the demand for live performances of these works. Our new record label, EM Records, takes our work to a new level, facilitating accessibility of these rare and glorious pieces.

I do hope that you will support us in future Festivals and help us restore this glorious music to national recognition.

Em Marshall-Luck, Founder-Director

Founder-Director Em Marshall-Luck
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Founder And Managing Director: Em Marshall-luck
Directors: Andy Smith (Chairman) · Em Marshall-Luck · Tim DanielL
CONSULTANTS: Rupert Marshall-Luck · Andrew Neill · Nick Walker
Chairman of Friends’ Scheme: Brian Kay
Stage Manager:
Tim Daniell · Financial Advisor: Peter Watts · Legal Advisor: Philip Mitchell
Press and Publicity Officer:
Karen Fletcher
Composer Scheme Secretary:
Sue Parker

The English Music Festival is a registered charity and a limited company
Registered charity number: 1107065 · Company number: 4654387