The Granville Bantock Society

Chairman Em Marshall-Luck
The Red House, Lanchards Lane, Shillingstone, Blandford Forum, DT11 0QU
07808 473 889
Musical ExecutiveBjorn Bantock
Vice-PresidentsFiona Bantock
Anton Bantock
Cuillin Bantock


Following Granville Bantock’s death in 1946, his son Raymond approached Dr Christopher Edmunds of the Birmingham School of Music with a view to setting up a Bantock Society. Jean Sibelius agreed at once to become its President and Thomas Beecham its Musical Adviser. When Dr Edmunds retired from being involved due to age in the late 1970s, the Society’s activities ceased. Raymond then asked his son, Cuillin Bantock, to reactivate the society. Norman Del Mar agreed to be President and a Committee was set up with Michael Pope as Patron, Ron Bleach as Honorary Secretary and Cuillin as Chairman. When professional commitments prevented Cuillin from continuing his role, Ron Bleach took over as Chairman, under the Presidency of Edward Downes. The Society sadly became defunct in 2004. In 2010, Bantock’s great-grandson, the conductor Bjorn Bantock, approached Em Marshall-Luck, explained his desire to resurrect the Bantock Society, and asked her to become its Chairman.

The Granville Bantock Society aims to further scholarship and understanding of the work and lives of Granville and Helena Bantock; oversee or effect the publication and recording of any unpublished or unrecorded works; archive Bantock family-related material and make this accessible to interested parties; promote the music of Granville Bantock through Society and non-Society events; and broaden and deepen knowledge of Bantock through a regular Society Journal.

If you would like to join the Society and play an active part in supporting our work of promoting this grievously under-estimated composer, please contact the Chairman, Em Marshall-Luck, using the details given above. Alternatively, please visit the Society’s Membership page at, where you may subscribe online.


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